Practical Application Techniques of NPWTi-d and a Hybrid Drape for Advanced Users

The use of advanced wound therapies and dressings in the acute setting has gained wider adoption and interest in recent years due to the increasing complexities of wounds and patients. To better guide the use of negative pressure wound therapy with instillation and dwell (NPWTi-d) and advanced drape technologies, there is a need to educate clinicians about their safe and effective use in the acute setting.


This webinar will focus on providing new therapy adopters with the advanced techniques for a successful dressing application.

  • Discuss wound assessment and dressing selection criteria for indicated wound types, as recommended in the Kim, et al (2019) Consensus Guidelines
  • Demonstrate advanced dressing application skills, therapy settings and best practices with careful consideration for periwound protection for patients in the acute setting
  • Share case examples
  • Perform live dressing/therapy applications on anatomical models


July 28, 2020

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3M Medical Education

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