Resuming Elective Orthopedic Surgery and New Processes Post COVID-19: Guidelines Developed by the International Consensus Group

This web series assembles top surgeon leaders to discuss a comprehensive set of consensus guidelines, “COVID-19 Pandemic: Protocols for Resuming Elective Orthopedic Surgery,” developed by the international Consensus Meeting (ICM) on Musculoskeletal Infection led by Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS., who serves as Chair of the AAHKS Research Committee.

Module 1: Pre-Operative Session Highlights

• Review & discuss enhanced pre-admission process • Strategies to best protect orthopedic teams and patients

Module 2: Intra-Operative Session Highlights

• Explore critical adjustments and precautions to consider in the operating room • Discuss consensus regarding wound closure in patients undergoing elective surgery

Module 3: Post-Operative Session Highlights

• Discuss any changes to be made in post-operative care protocols for patients undergoing elective surgery • Explore techniques and technology to support reduction of length of stay and readmission.